Account Opening Procedure Login
Welcome to Genuine Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd, your trusted partner for all your trading needs. We understand that opening a Trading account is a crucial step in your financial journey. To make the process seamless for you, here's our step-by-step guide on how to open a Trading account offline:

Step 1 : Gather Your Documents
Collect important documents such as your PAN card, proof of address, proof of income (if applicable), bank account details, and recent passport-size photographs.

Step 2 : Obtain Account Opening Forms
Visit our website to download the account opening forms or simply drop by our head office to pick them up in person.

Step 3 : Complete the Forms
Thoroughly fill out the account opening forms with accurate information. Take your time and ensure accuracy.

Step 4 : Attach Necessary Documents
Attach photocopies of the required documents, including proof of identity, address, income, bank account details, and PAN card. Our representatives can guide you on the specific documents needed.

Step 5 : Visit Our Head Office
Pay a visit to our head office. Submit the completed forms along with photocopies for verification. Keep the original documents handy for verification purposes.

Step 6 : Personal Verification
Our dedicated team will conduct a personal verification process to validate your identity and details. This step may involve a face-to-face meeting or video verification.

Step 7 : Application Processing
Once your personal verification is successfully completed, we will process your application for the Trading account.

Step 8 : Receive Your Account Number
Expect to receive your unique Trading account number or customer ID once your application is processed. This number is essential for your trading journey.

Step 9 : Begin Your Trading Journey
Congratulations! With your Trading account set up, you are now ready to embark on your trading journey with Genuine Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd. Explore a wide range of trading opportunities in the capital markets.

At Genuine Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd, we believe in providing you with accessible and convenient solutions, whether you prefer the traditional offline route or the digital world. Your financial success is our priority. Please note that presently we are not onboarding any walk-in, unknown, or outside clients. This guide covers the step-by-step process to open a Trading account offline, ensuring you have all the support you need to make the most of your trading endeavors.